All Through The House

My two favorite things about Christmas are: decorating and baking. And since I’ve discovered the joy of online shopping , I can now skip the thing I like least about Christmas: shopping at the crowded malls! ¬†We have just received our third major winter storm since November 13th with 18″ additional snow. I must say, the two feet of snow on the ground does add to the Christmasy feel. Here is a little tour: From My House to Yours.

My favorite new addition to my Christmas cookie collection is the mice, pictured below. How cute are they?!

The view as you walk in the front door
We had to cut this 11 ft. tree to fit in the house!
The view outside: where did our deck go?
The tree at night. So cozy - makes me want to have a tree all year!

You may recognize this table; it was the Crate and Barrel 2009 decor which I bought at 75% off after Christmas last year

I like snowmen because you can leave them up all winter

This always hung at my mom's house during Christmas - I made it many years ago
This photo could also be called "what I did during the two blizzard days when you couldn't leave the house"!
My favorites! Dip a stemmed cherry into chocolate, stick it to a Kiss, insert almond ears and make eyes and nose with a toothpick dipped into the melted chocolate