Updated Senior Photos

Most high school seniors come for their senior pictures the summer before their senior year. But, what if you have a new look or want to add an outfit that you wished you’d brought last summer? Both of these applied to Sam. His hair is much longer.  He no longer  is sunburned from playing golf all summer (!)  And he really wanted some photos in an all black tux. In fact, he brought a magazine photo of a guy in a black suit on a black background that we all thought was very cool and knew we could easily duplicate the look for Sam.

Another reason for a return, updated photo session is to have new photos for your grad cards. We are adding many new, exciting grad card announcement designs this year and some of these designs incorporate up to 8 photos. (Information will be mailed to the Class of 2011 in early April). It can also be fun to include a baby pic along with a variety of your senior photos – start digging through your old family albums! 

Any senior who has been photographed at our studio can return for an Update Session. The cost is just $40 per outfit. Sam also brought his letter jacket, which includes some newly added patches.

Here are some new photos of Sam, plus a few taken last summer. It was fun to see and photograph Sam again!

Images of the Year

We thought it’d be fun to put together a little slideshow of some of our favorite, funniest and most memorable images from the past year. While it was darn near impossible to narrow down our top 70 photos, we managed to get just about all of them in there. (Though when I came to work today, I still had to cut the slideshow by 27 images!) We hope you enjoy a look back at 2010 through the lenses of the Jan Kentala Photography staff.

Click here to watch the video on YouTube.

Photos by Jan Kentala and Molly Kentala Broman
Music by Neon Trees

First [Official] Senior from Class of ’11

Al, from Lakeville North, was the first senior from the Class of 2011 to be photographed at our studio last week. He was referred by one of our LNHS ambassadors, Shaun.

It’s hard to believe that the “season” has officially begun. He is incredibly busy during the summer, so his parents thought it was a great idea to take advantage of the early season deals. Seriously, everyone CANNOT come in August (by far our most popular month); also, all the summer sports start their two-a-day practices in August and then it becomes impossible to schedule a session.

Since we had an early spring, the outdoor “portrait park” is lush with beautiful perennial and annual plantings. I have never seen it look better! (Look for an upcoming blog article later this week with photos of the outdoor studio.)

Who do you think Al looks like? My answer is at the bottom of his photos…

I think he looks a lot like Joe Mauer!

Ambassador Facebook Albums

The next round of the ambassadors have been photographed. Ty, Max, Tristyn, Shep, Riley, Maggie and Chad represent Eastview, Burnsville, Rosemount, Lakeville North and South. Bree, our Apple Valley ambassador, will be photographed on Sunday.

Here are links to our favorite photos from each of their sessions. If you haven’t already, become our fan on Facebook; seach for Jan Kentala Photography and click the “Like” button.

Enjoy the pics!








Shaun 04.11.10

Shaun is from Lakeville North High School. His sister, Chelsea, was an ambassador for me two years ago. Shaun arrived and began unloading his car. I saw all kinds of sporting equipment coming in the door. He is a football captain, plays hockey, and lacross. He loves sports and it was important to take lots of different sports shots as this really defines Shaun’s high school experience. It was readily apparent that Shaun has spent time working hard in the gym, and he was very gracious to allow me to capture this in his photographs.

For his compete album, check out our Facebook fan page.

Jillian 04.11.10

Jillian, from Eastview High School, was the second ambassador to be photographed this spring. As usual, the hardest part was narrowing down her clothing selections. The girls bring so many beautiful and interesting outfits to choose from, I have as hard a time eliminating outfits as they do! But these days, “close-up” photos are the most sought-after look, so the clothing is really secondary. (I know I could do a great session with just a black top.) Jillian has a beautiful smile, but her serious look is dynamite, too. I wanted to emphasize her big blue eyes. Eyes are always so much more pronounced in serious poses, as they are wide open. Here are a few of my favorites from her session.

For her complete album, check out our Facebook fan page.

Class of 2011 Already!

Laticia, from Prior Lake High School, was the first of my “ambassadors” to be photographed this year. She arrived, with her mom and sister and a rack full of clothing choices. Our first task was to select the outfits she would wear. This isn’t easy – she would have happily worn every outfit!  But we finally narrowed it down to about 5 outfits. Then, we discussed what type of photographs would make both Laticia and her mom happy. They had tons of ideas and pointed out numerous photos on the display walls that they liked. The photo session couldn’t have gone better – Laticia loved being photographed and was willing to try anything. She ended up with a ton of great images!

For Laticia’s complete session, check out our Facebook fan page.