Twins for Krysy and Jesse!

I photographed Krysy as a high school senior, and her family several times. Later came her wedding to Jesse. If you look way back on my blog, you can read about their wedding and the fact that he was deployed the next morning. Two months ago, I got the amazing news that she was expecting twins and wanted to have them photographed as newborns. She wondered if this would fit into my December schedule. OH YES!!!

Ellie and Cole were born almost full term. (Do we hear a sympathetic groan for Krysy?) Ellie was much smaller than Cole, but got the OK to come home at just over 5 pounds. Cole was over 7 pounds: their parents explained that this is quite normal for boy and girl twins. But – gosh – look at these photos: Cole is a beast compared to his little sister! Photographed together, they do not look like twins.

Since Jesse is in the military, they wondered if I would photograph the twins with an American Flag. I also asked Jesse if he would pose sans shirt with the twins: the contrast with the tiny babies is so sweet. (also a photographer’s dream!)

But my favorite is with the crazy hats. They appear to have partied a little too hard on New Years Eve?
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