A Really Good Idea!

Lynette was hosting Christmas in Minnesota for her family, many of whom had to travel here. Her Christmas gift request was to do a family portrait while they were here.

When my customers ask about clothing ideas and colors, I usually ask them: where will you hang your wall portrait? It is important that the colors coordinate with the room where the portrait will be displayed! But Lynette had already thought about this and came up with such a fantastic idea, I asked her if I could share this with everyone.

She went to the paint store and got a Martha Stewart paint palette. She then mailed the desired color swatches (I suggest large groups to stick to two or three colors) to everyone in the family. She also ok’d some horizontal stripes, as long as they weren’t too bold.

Voila: everyone arrived with the proper colors! There were a few little issues with some logos and a pink colored applique, but hey… there were 8 children and I think you have to let “kids be kids” and wear what they are comfortable in!

Here are a few of their favorite photos:

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