Ali and Matt’s Wedding 11.03.12

Is there anything more nerve wracking than photographing another wedding photographer’s daughter’s wedding? I think NOT! When my good friend and fellow photographer Catherine Golden asked me if I would photograph Ali’s wedding, I think I must have asked her, “Are you sure?”

Ali and Matt met at the University of St. Thomas. According to her dad’s toast, the very first time Matt came to the Golden’s house, her dad looked at him and said, “WOW – you two would make pretty babies!” This was a very astute observation; they could pose for the cake topper bride and groom 🙂

The beautiful couple, the church (Hennepon Avenue Methodist), the reception at Golden Valley Country Club and all the fabulous extra touches that Ali and her mom worked on for the past year made for a spectacular wedding. I can honestly say this has been the year for out-of-this-world weddings. I have been a very happy wedding photographer in 2012!

Ali and Matt were very good sports: They posed outdoors for many photos both at the church and at Golden Valley CC.  It was a very COLD day, but at least the predicted rain did not fall. They and their friends were so happy and ready to party, I don’t think they even noticed the temperature! Here are some of the fun pics from the day. And I broke my rule of only putting 20 photos on the blog…

None of these guys needed any coaxing to ham it up!
BIG wedding party!
Nick and Ali Golden await the “big walk” down the aisle
A beautiful venue for a wedding. This is Hennepin Avenue United Methodist church in downtown Minneapolis.

The plan was that only the wedding party and family would stay afterwards to blow bubbles and cheer on the exiting couple. Surprise: most of the guests stayed!

Golden Valley Country Club is a perfect site for a large wedding reception. It spaciously accomodated their 300 guests.

The maid of honor’s mom, Gretchen, made this amazing cake that tasted as good as it looked.

3 thoughts on “Ali and Matt’s Wedding 11.03.12

  1. Jan, I just love these photos. Can not wait to see them all. You and Molly did such a great job. I was so happy that you, Molly and Mike could be there on such a big day in our lives.


  2. Jan,
    These pictures are amazing. How wonderful how you captured the personalities of all that were there.
    Great job, can’t wait to see all of them!
    Portland, OR.

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