Liz and Corey’s Wedding 06.03.12

We traveled to Somerset, New Jersey to photograph the wedding of Liz Orenstein and Corey Cohen. Molly had met Liz during her freshman year at the University of Minnesota. They became best friends; in fact – Liz was Maid of Honor at Molly’s wedding in Sonoma, California in 2009.

When Liz took a job transfer from Minnesota to New Jersey, we joked that the circle of available Jewish men became MUCH bigger. In fact, Liz met Corey on “J Date” and the two quickly became serious. I took their engagement photos when they visited Minnesota last August.

Their wedding was one of the most sumptuous, emotional, and beautiful events I’ve had the pleasure of photographing. Many tears were shed that day, beginning when Liz’s motherĀ spied her wedding dress hanging in the bride’s suite, to the first look from her father, to seeing Corey for the first time, the Ketubah signing, the vows, the toasts…. you get the idea!

I always tell my couples that “it isn’t a real wedding unless something goes wrong”. Well, that started with Corey discovering that the tux shirt he purchased did not include buttons! The staff at The Palace at Somerset Park scurried around trying to find white buttons and had to sew them on for him! We envisioned them cutting off white buttons on whomever they foundĀ  with buttons! So we started a “little late”…. And then – as soon as we went outside for some pictures around the beautiful grounds – it started to rain! But, honestly, those were the only glitches of the day. In fact, the silver lining of the rainy day was an amazing double rainbow at sunset.

I hope you can see the depth of this couple’s adoration of each other in these photos. As guests witnessed Corey seeing Liz for the first time and getting very emotional, everyone grabbed their tissues.

I have to mention the food. OH – the FOOD! I have never seen such an array of spectacular food – ever! The cocktail hour featured 9 different chef manned stations. Sushi, wok stir fry, carving station, salads…. and this was only the cocktail hour. Dinner was ordered from a menu. Then, the crowning glory (after the cake was served): they opened the salon doors to a Viennese Pastry Buffet. Tortes, pastries, chocolate fountain, cakes, cheesecakes, chef made-to-order beignets. And on. And ON. It seemed to me there were enough desserts to feed 1,000 people. Afterwards, I wondered who got to take home all the leftovers?!

The live band was capable of performing any cover and their repertoire was vast. Classical, disco, top 40, waltzes, polkas, etc. Along with the traditional Horah and the Mezinke Dances, they kept the crowd dancing the entire time.

Well… I’ll let these photos attempt to tell the amazing wedding story of Liz and Corey. Mazel tov! And enjoy your honeymoon cruise to the Mediterranean!

The groom's sister had just smacked him - hard - in the head!

The groom's nephew Matthew was the ring bearer
The Ketubah signing
Underneath the chuppah at the Palace at Somerset Park

The yellow calla lily theme carried over in the centerpieces on each table
This is one of many chef manned stations during the cocktail hour
Making sushi at the cocktail hour

The groomsmen are sporting cheeseheads in hommage to Liz's Wisconsin roots
The couple are lifted up into the air on chairs during the Horah dance
During the dancing, the rain stopped and a double rainbow appeared!
The centerpiece at the Viennese pastry dessert buffett
A full moon rose on the horizon so I persuaded the couple to take another photo break!
The Palace at night

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  1. Jan…Thank you so much for the amazing photographs! I now know there was a lot I missed that night!! Can’t wait to see all the pictures. Your professionalism reigns supreme…not to mention your skill and talent. We will have these memories to cherish forever. Thank you for being part of this special day.

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