Baby Wyatt

I’ve known Abbi and Cory for years. Back in junior high, Abbi being a Kenner and me being a Kentala, we were always seated right next to each other in classes. Cory I met in high school through my then-boyfriend’s group of friends, and he came to the studio senior year for our prom group’s photo shoot before the big dance. Imagine my delight when years later, Cory emails me to tell me they’re expecting and they want me to photograph their newborn baby!

I had the day penciled in on my calendar for quite some time, but as is the case with many first-born babies, Wyatt was days late. I stalked both Abbi and Cory’s Facebook pages, eagerly awaiting the news. Finally, he arrived the evening of January 8 and we quickly scheduled a photo shoot for the following week.

We got some fabulous shots of baby Wyatt, as well as some great ones with the new mom and dad, too. Throughout the entire photo shoot, Wyatt was happy as a clam, never crying once, even after outfit change after outfit change. What a champ! You know, I think someone has a career in modeling ahead of them…

4 thoughts on “Baby Wyatt

  1. These photos are just gorgeous Molly! I can’t wait to see the rest of them! Thank you so much for a beautiful, permanent, heirloom of my new little grandson and his family.

  2. What a precious little baby! The photography is

    amazing as well. Abbi looks sooo great for just

    bringing baby Wyatt into the world!

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