Personalize Your Photo Shoot

We are always encouraging seniors to bring personalized items to their photo shoot. A good senior session should include photos that tell us something about their life: hobbies, talents, pets,  interests, activities, etc. Another great add on is to go to a “custom location”: a cool spot that hopefully no one else has discovered or used for their senior pictures. Last week, I went to Aaron’s home on the lake out in Prior Lake. We went out on the lake and took some photos with his boat and wakeboard. (Yes, I tried to encourage him to get in the water, but we were doing their family photo immediately after and he didn’t want to be “all wet”. Plus, that was the day with 50 mph wind gusts!)

If you are a junior reading this and will be here next year for senior pictures, I challenge you now to keep an eye out for a custom location that will add a special meaning or memory to your photos. Yes, there is a location fee, but the one-of-a kind photos are worth the added cost. One senior girl wanted a photo with her horse in a field and, near that field, there was an old rusted abandonned car that ended up being equally photo worthy.

Here are some of the personalized photos we’ve taken this year for the Class of 2012. My favorite has got to be the wildflower field!

what bees?
Spencer's tap shoes
cutest dog award
her helmet is signed by Brett! I tried trading for some photos.... no deal
a fun assignment for me - I got to go boating 🙂
we love it when girls bring their gorgeous prom dresses
we bring cars down to the pond park on our street
Cody strings lacrosse racquets for a job

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