Happy Baby

I have been photographing the Harrod family (with FIVE sisters) for many years, including the three youngest girls’ senior pictures. There is a new addition to the family – a BOY!  His mom and dad just recently moved from Shanghai to the Bahamas and they were in town for a quick visit. So it was time for an updated family photo with new baby/nephew/grandson Jonas.

I have NEVER photographed an 8 month old who smiled for the entire time he was photographed! (Well, he actually slept the first half hour). His mom told me that he LOVES being photographed and would smile and I thought, “hmmm, right. We’ll see about that”. Seriously, the moment I picked up the camera after arranging the group, Jonas began SMILING! And he didn’t stop! All I had to do was squeak his toy giraffe or call his name and his adorable face was wreathed in smiles. He is the cutest baby I have ever seen!

I would set up shop as a full-time baby photographer if they were all this happy!

My favorite photos are Jonas surrounded by his mom and 4 aunts (I called it the Jonas Sandwich) and also the one where he was gazing at his grandfather. (I was told he was a little intimidated by men with beards, but – though he didn’t smile – he did NOT cry).

my favorite: a "Jonas Sandwich" !



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