“Trash the Dress” Session

Oh my gosh – I’ve been wanting to do a “trash the dress” photo shoot FOREVER. Somehow, all my brides are reluctant to do this! So I was estatic when Olivia showed up for her outdoor session with her prom dress in tow and told me “I don’t care what happens to it now”.

“Are you willing to sit on the waterfall with it?”, I asked her. Beter than this, she said she would go IN the pond with it!

When she got out of the water, I cautiously eyed all the tuilling to make sure there weren’t any fish caught in it. Whew – safe.

I love all these shots. And had fun doing some different Photoshop effects on them. Thanks for being the best sport, Olivia!

6 thoughts on ““Trash the Dress” Session

  1. Thanks, Olivia! You were such a great sport to get your dress all wet. We can’t wait to share the rest of your outdoor photos. You’re going to love them! P.S. I totally want to borrow your blue shirt/red skirt combo 🙂

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