Friends Forever

Trey and his friends go way back. They’ve been on many basketball, football, and hockey teams together. They wanted to have a special photo shoot to commemorate their friendship as they are all now seniors playing together for probably their last year. Trying to find a date when these eight guys were available was quite the challenge! Then Trey’s mom had a great idea: what if the moms came and we did a group photo? We all know how much time, love, encouragement, and enthusiasm the moms have spent watching their sons’ games over the years. (Oh yeah – and driving!)  As a former “hockey mom”, I also can identify with the bittersweet emotions you go through during their last year playing a sport. You realize how much you are going to miss the camaraderie and social life that is an extension of your child playing on a team.

So it was fitting that we made this photo session happen. Afterwards, I joked that they all should go out to dinner dressed alike. “Oh no”, Sheila (Trey’s mom) said, “the dads are barbequeing for us tonight”. Fun!

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