Ready for the Class of 2012!

Trey from Lakeville North and Adam from Eastview were the first ambassadors we photographed last Saturday. Molly and I did the still photography and Jack was in charge of video. Video is something new we are introducing this year: We are adding some video clips to our still photographs and making slideshows that combine both elements. We are loving the results! (Check out our Facebook page to see Trey’s and Adam’s “fusion” slideshows – our very first attempts!) Now we just have to learn how to operate with more “cooks in the kitchen,” i.e. more photographers in the studio jockeying for their ideal vantage point 🙂 It’s a good thing we have two BIG studios!

Both boys play sports at their respective high schools and brought some sports equipment to use as props. It always makes it more special when the seniors bring items to personalize their session. Here are some of our favorite shots from the two sessions. Enjoy!

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