A 50th Anniversary Celebration

Caroline and Richard recently celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary! Caroline’s gift request to her four children was to have an updated family photograph taken. When I asked them how they chose me, they told me that I was one of the only photographers in the area who could accomodate a large group indoors. Well, good!

I must say, they were one of the most perfectly color-coordinated large groups I’ve had the pleasure to photograph.  Everyone was instructed to wear a shade of brown, beige, or ivory, which was the ideal clothing choice for my large brown-toned backdrop. As they looked around the studio at wall portrait displays, many of them indicated that they liked the sepia (brown-toned) photos.  I told them that the dark brown backdrop is ideal for sepia photos. (The white or black background is better for black and white photos).

I took a few variations of the large group, then Caroline and Richard with their four children, their grandchildren,  individual family portraits and, of course, a nice portrait of Caroline and Richard. Through a Facebook album posting, the out of town family members were immediately able to see all of the photos and make their selections that way.

This is one special time in a couple’s life that really needs to be commemorated with a family portrait. I’m so glad my studio was big enough to accomodate their large, lovely family.

Caroline told me that she wanted a formally posed group photo for her wall portrait
Now for a totally different look!

Happy 50th Caroline and Richard!

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