Celebrity Look-alikes?

We often play the game “who does this look like?” as we are preparing the files after a photo shoot. Sometimes we all agree; other times, there is strong disagreement. But we think these seniors have strong resemblance to some famous celebrities. See how many you guess correctly. Answers are at the bottom (our answers, of course!).

1. Taylor Lautner
2. Kristin Davis
3. Hugh Jackman
4. Kate Walsh
5. Any male Kennedy
6. Michael J. Fox
7. Tristan Sutter
8. Mick Jagger
9. Jennifer Love Hewitt
10. Usher
11. Leonardo DiCaprio

One thought on “Celebrity Look-alikes?

  1. LOL..My Mom has said since Tyler was little that he looked like Michael J. Fox..She will be happy to know you agree! 🙂

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