A Father’s Day Surprise

Aidan and Evan came with their mom back in late April for a photo session. It was to be a surprise for their dad for Father’s Day. I have been waiting to post these darling photos since then, but had to wait just in case dad happened to look at my website.

This is actually the third time I’ve photographed Aidan – the first being a maternity session with his mom when she was almost 9 months pregnant with him! Lucy was one of those beautiful pregnant women who just had a small basketball tummy – no fair, no fair! I remember telling her to arch her back so she would actually look more pregnant!

Lucy was not very optimistic that 4 year old Aidan could keep a secret from dad for 2 months – but he did!

Session notes: Aidan loves his 15 month old brother dearly, but he is a rough and tumble boy who is anxious for his little brother to be more of a playmate. There were several too-tight bear hugs, some pushes, tumbles and falls during the session. We had to wait a few times for Evan’s tears to dry. Once, after Aidan “accidentally” shoved his brother off the box they were sitting on, he went and sat anxiously IN the box they were sitting on while mom settled baby brother. It is one of my best photos – he knew he was in a bit of trouble so was very quiet and…. cooperative!  Then, Aidan insisted that I photograph he and his brother sitting inside the box tipped upside down. Wow – what a great idea: a natural “playpen” that held them captive for a few more precious minutes!

Lucy told me that she left the session wondering if there would be even ONE good photo from the shoot. She was delighted with the results!  Here are a few of the good shots from that session.

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