“Sometimes It Just Doesn’t Happen…..”

Savannah and Cosette just celebrated their #4 and #2 birthdays and it was time for their annual portraits.
The girls arrived Wednesday morning with their parents sporting beautiful new Easter dresses, patent leather shoes and hair bows. Savannah was thrilled to return, as she remembered having fun last year. She entered the studio smiling and chattering excitedly about having her picture taken in her pretty new dress. Cosette, however, had the opposite reaction: she clung to her daddy and began crying whenever he tried to set her down on the backdrop. Despite pulling out all the tricks and happy little props designed to make little girls smile, she wouldn’t have any of it! She did become very attached to a Beanie Baby cat, which of course did not match her dress (darn! – why didn’t I have the white cat instead of the brown and black one out?! -BAD photographer!) She would not let go of it and I realized that, even if we did get her to stop crying, there would be a mismatched stuffed animal in every photo.
Well, these photos tell the story. Cosette will be making a return appearance soon, hopefully in a happier mood! And, her parents will come in coordinating outfits, in case the only shot I can take is of the entire family. AND I will only have tiny white stuffed animals on deck……
As I’ve explained about 2 and 3 year old flower girls in past stories, generally “you can’t bribe a child younger than 4 years old”!

Here is Savannah ready and happy. (Did I mention that mom wanted the two girls photographed TOGETHER?)


Savannah and dad BOTH trying to entertain little Cosette


still waiting for little sister to join the photo…..


Savannah seems to be saying, “Well, I’M ready!”


This is as good as it got!


Reality: “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em”

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